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The classic Norwegian Energy is based on fresh raspberries, apple and strawberry and is completely vegan.  The new and revolutionary collagen drink with apricot taste and extracts from salmon (with no fish taste) gives you better joints, skin and hair. It also builds your immune system.
Both of the drinks contain organic Yerba Mate tea to energize you. Our formula is tailored to strengthen your mental focus and has documented properties that make your heart work easier.

Norwegian Energy is not only a natural energy drink, but also a thirst quencher that brings you to the peaks.

If you in addition believe that sustainability and social responsibility are important, this is the drink for you.



We use organic YERBAMATE tea from a truly certified organic farm in Argentina as energy. This tea is harvested from a hyper-healthy natural tea plant that gives you healthy slow-moving caffeine, which spends several hours on its way through the body and gives you steady strength over time.

Yerba Mate contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and antioxidants, especially polyphenols. The coffeine from Mate in comparison to caffeine in other drinks, is that Mate is invigorating, without the common side effects that coffee can have.


Collagen is extracted from natural fish skin on a farm in Norway, is 100% sustainable and also utilizes raw materials that would otherwise be lost. The skin is powdered and contains the most nutritious substances in the fish, and even builds your body with stronger skin joints and hair. When we brew Arctic collagen together with real apricot and apple, the vitamin intake is also enhanced, and gives a delicately delicious taste without fish.

ARTCTIC COLLAGEN is powered with yerbamate tea and give you a solid energy push in your everyday life