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Rich in vitamins and minerals No added sugar or sweeteners


Local raw materials and jobs Norwegian brewery


Healthy caffeine that provides long-lasting energy Healthy carbohydrates

The real story

Norwegian Energy is a healthy energy drink with only natural ingredients. Our drinks help to strengthen your mental focus through pure ingredients without added sugar. Together with our employees and ambassadors, we believe Norwegian Energy can help move mountains!
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Get to know our nutritious energy drinks

Want to make an effort in the local community with healthy Norwegian energy?
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Norwegian Energy would like to take part in festivals and events that create engagement in the population.
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Brewed with pure Norwegian ingredients

Norwegian Energy is based on natural vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. The drink is brewed without added sugar with only pure and genuine ingredients that protect your immune system. Contains organic yerba mate tea with caffeine that is absorbed slowly by the body. Each variant has its own characteristics:
  • Arctic collagen and apricot which contribute to stronger skin, hair and joints.
  • Plant-based drink with blueberries and kelp which together give you a top-up of vitamins E, C and B12 which contribute to increased energy and mental focus.
  • Refreshing strawberry drink that is a source of vitamin C.
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Sustainable energy drink

Norwegian Energy is at the forefront of making energy drinks healthy. We are now launching the world’s first completely vegan and sustainable energy drink with natural omega 3 and vitamin B12. The drink is based on blueberries and kelp, and tastes excellent.