The story behind Norwegian Energy

About Norwegian Energy

Norwegian Energy challenges international giants, with a healthy energy drink from Norway. We make drinks with only clean raw materials and ingredients that give you better health, while also tasting good.

We are building our own raw material factory by the Lyng Alps, which processes berries, seaweed and kelp, while also using organic yerba mate tea as an energy source.

Norwegian Energy is establishing a separate research laboratory, where we work on new healthy products such as controls blood pressure and builds your immune system, as well as tasting good and quenching your thirst.

We are now working on a new type of packaging that will replace plastic with plant-based recyclable residues after the production of seaweed & kelp, which will also be used to make electricity.

Norwegian Energy will replace dietary supplements and synthetic energy drinks, and is 100% sustainable.

The origin

On a trip across the Vestfjorden from Lofoten to Steigen, it was enough for captain Mads Bækkelund, who constantly saw the crew and extreme sportsmen on board drinking synthetic imported energy drinks. This was during the TV recording of the extreme sports series “Oppdrag Sognefjorden” and “Oppdrag Nord-Norge” on NRK.

Mads decided to start Norwegian Energy, the world’s only healthy energy drink brewery, which contains e.g. marine residual raw materials that help protect the heart and build up the immune system. The energy comes from organic yerba mate tea, which gives you slow-release healthy caffeine, giving you a steady push, instead of an unhealthy jolt like all the ‘others’.

What do we contain?

All our drinks are healthy and rich in nutrition, vitamins and antioxidants. Brewed only with pure and genuine ingredients, without added sugar. In addition to being a delicious thirst quencher that provides energy, each variety has good properties. Arctic collagen with apricot that helps to strengthen skin, hair and joints. Plant-based blueberry & kelp, a vegan energy drink with vitamin B that can strengthen your mental focus.

Here you can explore our drinks.

Social responsibility

We are an all-Norwegian company where all decisions are made here in the country. The company is owned by a number of local shareholders who are all passionate about the same thing – namely changing the energy drink industry while creating local jobs. That is why we organize our own entrepreneur cruises for entrepreneurs who want to fulfill their dreams and create business in Norway.

Our slogan is “THE REAL STORY”, which is about real stories from everyday life, where ordinary people present what they are proud of. From a small feat to a clever invention! We are also developing a method to replace plastic packaging with a packaging based on residual raw materials from seaweed & kelp.