Norwegian Fjord Explorer Club

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The club is an advantageous program where you who are interested in healthy energy and good trips can be a member. You also get discounts on drinks and travel clothes, and can represent Norwegian Energy where you live and make money from it. We also invite members to post good photos with the theme “the real story” with Norwegian Energy with positive events from daily life. See for some inspiration, but we only expect the usual stuff!

We organize our own explorer cruises to Lofoten and the Lyng Alps with MV Norwegian Energy where active members of The Fjord Explorer Club can join. More benefits will also come later, so be early…!


  • Free membership
  • Offer of ski and bike cruises to Lofoten and Lyngen, where you will get to know other members and founders, and there will be social gatherings and sporting activities for everyone.
  • Your own digital membership card where you can collect points and spend on trips and trip clothes (under development)
  • Own discount code in the online store
  • Assignment to arrange events and talk to local places and shops in your area, create good attention and more sales points for Norwegian Energy. All members of the club who sign an agreement to represent Norwegian Energy at their home location. also get an equipment package with hoodie, jacket, etc.

You register using the button below, and get a digital membership card and a discount code in the online store, and we will send you messages when something happens. Feel free to start and post positive messages with #norwegianenergy and sign up for Mads at

T 92163985 if you are ready for a bet.

The club is also developing its own crypto currency:

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