Building a raw material factory in Lyngen

One of the concrete plans for the next step for Norwegian Energy is to build a raw material factory in the heart of the Lyng Alps.

In existing factory premises in Nord-Lenangen, where fish has previously been produced, a brand new raw material factory is to be renovated and established – close to the majestic Lyng Alps.

Maritime residual raw materials are central when Norwegian Energy produces the energy drink of the future.

-What Norwegian Energy is doing is the future. Taking care of residual raw materials from the sea, and using raw materials from nature that have not previously been used, is future-oriented and extremely exciting, says Dan-Håvard Johnsen – mayor of Lyngen municipality.

Fish skin from Finnmark

Among the raw materials used in the Norwegian Energy drinks we find powdered fish skin from Finnmark and kelp from Lyngen.

The Lyngen mayor is happy that production is being moved to the area where the experience and raw materials lie.

-For me, it is obvious to do it in a fishing environment that has expertise in the sea. The Lyngen environment has long experience and a lot of knowledge. Norwegian Energy comes in with a complementary offer and we support that 1000%, says Johnsen.

Global success

He is convinced that Norwegian Energy can become a global success.

– I have followed the process closely for a few years. From the first product samples until today. Now there is a product that really delivers in terms of taste and content. It’s incredibly good. It is clear that the new era that is coming now will demand organic and healthy products. There is no doubt that this will be a winner in this segment. I can’t see how this can fail, says the mayor.

Energy drink production is also seen in connection with the Explorer Cruise concept, which is being developed in parallel by the same people behind Norwegian Energy.

The heather Alps will naturally be central here as well.

– Taking the entire value chain from products to experience – is smart. Doing it in Lyngen is even smarter, and provides natural marketing. Using the magnificent nature we have to promote new products is a win-win situation.

-Do you drink Norwegian Energy yourself?

– I have tasted the latest editions. Fantastically good, boasts Dan Håvard Johnsen.