The world’s first completely vegan energy drink

Norwegian Energy is the world’s first completely vegan energy drink.

-It consists of only pure Norwegian ingredients from mountains and fjords. This means that we only use fruits such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, apricots and pomegranates. In addition, we use marine residual raw materials. This is brewed with organic yerbamate tea, a tea plant that contains caffeine that slowly seeps into the body. It involves caffeine that takes a long time to flow through your body. In contrast to other typical energy drinks, which will pump up your heart rate to a much greater extent, explains Norwegian Energy founder Mads Bækkelund.

The idea came five years ago, and the first version was launched three years ago. Subsequently, there have been several years of trial and testing of combinations of raw materials.

– Now the flavors sit with a drink we think can go global, says Bækkelund.

Marine success

Norwegian Energy has become known for using marine residual raw materials in its drinks. Among other things, this is what made Innovation Norway believe in the idea.

Among other things, powdered fish skin from Finnmark and kelp from Lyngen are used. This in turn creates a good nutritional content in the drinks.

– The apricot drink contains, for example, the entire day’s dose of collagen that you need. Marine collagen gives softer and better joints, and can give better nails and thicker hair. These are EU-approved claims, and this is also why we believe this can be a global success, says Bækkelund.

-Who is the typical Norwegian Energy drinker?

– Often you won’t find him under 18, because often they don’t think too much about their health. Therefore, there are often people who are over 18 years old and have woken up a bit and take care of their health. We focus on those who are primarily from 18 to 30, but everyone is of course welcome to choose a healthy Norwegian alternative.

Global market

Globally, the energy drink market is huge, and all possible target groups use it as a pick-me-up during the day.

Take the craftsman as an example. When they go to have lunch, they often find it easy to pick up a synthetic stimulant to get them through the day of hard physical work. I think we can definitely bring these people with us, as they will often feel the effect on the body of how cleaner energy works for them.

It is a global megatrend that people take more care of themselves, and the world is becoming more and more concerned with health and natural ingredients.

-Look at the Middle East, where there is an overconsumption of sugar. It is not unusual to have tablespoons of sugar in the tea. It destroys your immune system and can give you high blood pressure. At some point something has to happen. By switching to Norwegian Energy, you quench your thirst and get energy. So it’s really just a matter of switching straight away, smiles the aggressive entrepreneur Mads Bækkelund.